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$50 Churchville Inn Gift Card
$50 Churchville Inn Gift Card

Churchville Inn 10 Year Rebuild Anniversary Special

To celebrate our 10 year rebuild anniversary we are offering $10 off our $50 gift cards that you can order online and they will be delivered to your door (3-5 days via USPS)

churchville inn gift cards
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The Original Churchville Inn

The Early Days of the 80’s and 90’s

As many of you know, The Churchville Inn wasn’t always the sprawling modern restaurant it is today.  Originally, the Churchville was a two-story building with the restaurant on the first floor and two apartments on the top.  The basement was used as a banquet facility for private parties and overflow on busy Saturday evenings.  Jeff and Kathleen Wallace purchased the restaurant in 1986 on a shoestring budget and two small children to care for.  Life wasn’t easy, but with dedication and countless hours of hard work, they built the restaurant over the years to become a staple in the local Bucks County community.  

As the years went by, their two sons attended the Culinary Institute of America.  Upon graduation from the Culinary Institute of America in 2004, they began implementing their newly attained food, beverage, and hospitality knowledge to the Churchville Inn.  While it didn’t catch on overnight, they began upgrading the menu while keeping such local menu favorites such as the BBQ Baby Back Ribs and the Walnut Chicken Salad.  Instead of cutting corners, they focused on using premium ingredients to provide the best possible products.  The thought process was that even though the menu items would cost more to produce and procure, the overall products would create a more satisfying experience for everyone.  

80’s and 90’s were a blast!

The Mid 2000’s

It turned out they were correct in their assumptions.  By upgrading the menu, implementing an extensive craft beer list, and focusing on service; the Churchville’s reputation began to rise in the Bucks County community.  The two brothers lived in the two apartments above the restaurant so they were able to devote countless hours to growing the business.  As the years went by, the business was growing and things were going great.  Unfortunately, in the early morning of March 27th, 2011, a fire broke out in the attic while everyone was asleep. It was a devastating experience but thankfully everyone was still alive and they could focus on putting the pieces of their lives back together.       

The rebuild was quite a process

The Rebuild 

After the fire, the building was deemed a complete loss.  The only salvageable piece was the current bar top in our “Old Churchville Room” on the first floor of the new building.  The Wallace family debated rebuilding and realized that even though it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, they knew they were up for the challenge.  Many people don’t realize what it takes to build a restaurant from scratch.  It takes a lot of mental and physical fortitude to work with the architects, construction teams, food service companies, decorations, POS systems, designing the menu and sourcing the products, etc., especially on a minimum time frame.  With perseverance, they were able to design, rebuild, hire staff, and re-open only a year and a half later in August of 2012.    

The opening few weeks were extremely chaotic as they worked out several issues that are common in opening a restaurant, especially with all the hype as the local community watched the new Churchville be rebuilt and come to life again.  The restaurant was extremely busy for the first couple weeks and it was extremely hard on the staff and managers.  If you’ve ever worked in a fast-paced restaurant before, you know it really takes a toll both mentally and physically.  Thankfully, the Churchville Inn continued to grow as all the kinks in the system were eventually worked out.  

The Churchville Inn 2022

best BBQ Bucks County
The Churchville Inn

While there have been many ups and downs throughout the years, the Churchville has been able to grow into the staple of the local Bucks County community it is today.  Like many other businesses in the nation, times were uncertain during the COVID-19 restrictions.  Thankfully, the Churchville Inn had the support of the local community and was able to grow regardless of the difficult times.  Recently, an outdoor beer garden patio was added to the property that has quickly become a favorite among locals (especially as the weather starts to cool down a bit). 

Book your next party

Banquets and catering have become super popular for all possible occasions such as baby showers, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, happy hours, communions, birthday parties.  You name it and someone has thrown an event at The Churchville Inn.  The upgraded farm-to-table menu has been a hit among the guests as they enjoy the extensive craft beer and wine menu from around the world.  

So there is the brief history of The Churchville Inn.  If you want to show support, you can follow the links or contact us directly HERE.  You can also take advantage of the discounted gift cards for a limited time only HERE.  Other than that we will continue to serve you and our community with your favorite food, drinks, and overall great experience to great memories of a lifetime.  Don’t forget to stay up to date with our weekly specials and events by signing up for our newsletter HERE.  Thanks for reading and we appreciate your support.  Cheers.

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